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As ubiquitous as the tipping of a hat may have been 100 years ago, there’s still room for a well-wish in the midst of each others absence. 

Sung into Days

As surely as day becomes night then day again, I’ll remember my humanity. My specie is in the world, in the fields and on the street, beneath stones and concrete, residing dormant, awake but helplessly still. What did number eight say?
To be human is to be generous and perseverant. I must listen.  Inhale. To be human is to walk on the earth in peace, not with a sword, but with consideration

Revolution is Marched

I love these hiding places, these secret paths, these back doors… these are the things that belong to me and only me. I will be quiet, absolutely silent. I will remember and never forget. I will learn how to wait. I will be a humble man, and if something smells bad I will get out of the chair and cross the room– and if it follows me, I will open a window.

The Pencil I Deserve

What a human deserves is the opportunity to go back to a place that beat one like a dog, and walk erect in front of a decrepit statue that was his master. What a human deserves is to hold the breath that is inhaled when kissed. What a human deserves is the ability to turn a good man into a better man and take credit for it.
What a human deserves is to let a passing moment linger forever rather than lose it in a moment of bad faith.

Blogged and Quartered

The making and use of puppets presents a process that lends itself to both the imaginary and the mythological, and “Brute puppetry” is a response to the technological and digital impositions of our time. It is an homage to discovering movement through objects, re-contextualizations, and reaffirming our space in the world.

“All failed: farmer, butcher, brother, seamster, the new year. Water-bearer. Lost hope. Now, forever the second son, I wish to leave one thing behind: sleep”

Today the responsibility of the consumer is to measure one’s worth against the resources that one consumes: labor and resources such as water, lumber, food, air, oil.  Just as stockholders can implement change in a corporation, just as constituents have a voice through elected representatives, we as artists, more so than anyone in the world have the ability to change the welfare of this planet.  We as consumers have a responsibility to its maintenance and design. Reinforce our commitment by appropriating what is recycled and re-found.

The price we pay for neglect!

I am a gerund disguised as a pronoun. He-ing and him-ing in a fluid and intersectional landscape, struggling for a sustainable, equitable, and multipolar world occupied and militarized by an economic hegemon predicated upon genocide, slavery, theft, and fraud.